Friday, February 4, 2011

Weekend Tunes | Digitalism

If you follow electronic music and you haven't heard of Digitalism you must be living under a rock. The German's have a long tradition of bringing out some of the best in Electronic music. Kraftwerk inspired producers around the world, and even made it's mark on Hip Hop. Today we see quite the stable of talented electro producers coming from the Fatherland. Few are better than Digitalism.

To be honest, some of the "hardest" electro tracks come out of your speakers sounding like utter noise. Digitalism manages to mix a fine blend of grit without losing the melodic elements which make their music so appealing to me. In a cluttered landscape of music, and do it yourself producers, it's refreshing to hear a group with a very unique and likable sound.

Here are two of their classic, and probably best known tracks they've released:

And after keeping us waiting for what seemed like forever, the two boys from Hamburg are finally back on the scene. Here is some of the latest stuff they've released:

Good stuff, and a proper way to get your weekend kicked off.

Anyone in the SF Area, be sure to check out The Twelves this Saturday @Mezzanine.

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