Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fred Falke: The Remix

We've seen the rise and fall of the mash-up, but for years, the remix has been a tried and tested medium, especially in the world of dance music. One of my favorite artists is a french bloke by the name of Fred Falke (although he does sound rather German). Some of his stuff is a bit off, but overall the guy pretty much turns anything he touches into audio gold.

Here's his brilliant take on the Whitest Boy Alive and their indie track "Golden Cage" (they're actually worth a listen themselves).

And here he takes Blackpool's finest export, Little Boots (who seems to be quite a big slag in her own right) and turns it into something a bit more upbeat.

*EDIT* Had to add this track. At first it struck me as a bit of a fruity house track, but I think I've come around to this one. U2 is kind of lame, but I can't argue with this one:

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