Sunday, January 23, 2011

Everybody's Doing It

Everybody's doing it so why shouldn't we- even if this is our second attempt at creating a blog which has no specific theme, concept or structure. I propose that you as readers (we currently lack readership but we're bound to get some groupies one of these days) submit topics on whatever troubles you about the way society is heading or dilemmas you are facing and F.Y.C will be thrilled to give you our 2 cents. It could work like this:

[Groupie #1]: "I've recently been fired from my corporate job because I wasn't enthusiastic enough about flipcharts, didn't integrate well in an office that rations biscuits and got in a fight with the vice president of UBS. What do I do with my life, guys?!?! xoxo"

We will lap this shit up like it’s a spilt 4LOKO and contemplate it with the utmost sincerity so we can ensure a succinct and thoughtful response.

[F.Y.C.]: "Groupie #1, you probably weren't cut out for a 9-5 in which conversation about London's weather with Charlotte in admin was the high point of your day because she always wore tight blouses and flicked her hair a lot. We advise you to pick up blogging and djaying the odd Wednesday at a hipster dive."

How's that for some sound advice ey? We can be your online agony aunties who like taking the piss but also properly ponder over even your most trivial concerns and queries. i.e:
[AspiringWriterDude23] “ I’m considering starting a blog to propel my writing, should I?”
We would probably advise against this as it really eats into valuable time you could be watching Jersey shore or poncing around on your electric key board pretending you're Justice or Alicia Keys.
We will also reward regular visitors to our site with great music and our insight into new media advertising so there really is no reason why you shouldn’t join our Fine Young Casual’s firm. INNIT BRUV.

PS. If you're working in an office like groupie #1 was, take heed of this:

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