Monday, January 24, 2011

Music from FIFA

Not only is FIFA the most brilliant video game ever created, it also boasts some of the best sound tracks year after year. Sure some of the songs can be downright terrible, but it's not even close to the stupidity that they've jammed into the Madden series.

Here are a few of my favorites for this installment of Music from FIFA..

I don't really know much about this group, but I like everything I've heard. Laid back, and definitely worth a listen.

Tribalistas - "Je Sei Namorar" (FIFA 2005):

Before Apple used this killer track to huck iPods and white ear buds, FIFA put me onto this track.

The Ceasars - "Jerk It Out" (FIFA 2004):

One of my favorite groups (the Twelves that is) at the moment, got smart to them thanks to FIFA.

The Black Kids - "Boyfriend (The Twelves Remix)" (FIFA 2009):


  1. Mate, it's a series. We've got time. Can't blow your whole load in one stroke.