Monday, January 24, 2011

Don't call this woman. Listen to her music.

Our taste in music may not match yours, but don't stress this minor deet. In fact, be grateful, because we’re about to shovel heaps of obscure, zany artists and deejays down your modem so that when you’re lost and lonely at the party and the iPod is free, you can take over and raise hairs with new trax that none of the chaps or lassies know about. 

Birds might shriek and cry a bit because they wanted "Sex on Fire" or "California Girls", and bros will say your shit is ghey and Euro, but just stick with your guns and trust us Fine Young Casuals to take you up a notch.

Even if the entire party breaks out in uproar over your weird, indie tunes, we say that any attention is good attention so just bob your head a bit and get into your own wee groove. Chances are there is some fit emo chick creeping in the corner rolling cigs who has noticed your alternative persuasion and will invite you for a smoke outside so that you can talk about Camus, alt music (we can be your bluffer's guide), and eventually hook.

That’s what music is all about anyway really, getting some ____ .

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