Wednesday, March 23, 2011

writewritewritewrite (TO BE READ IN ONE BREATH)

Do you ever feel like you should write but you can't so you just start writing something and hope that if you type fast enough, never stopping to think what it is you are actually typing that miraculously you will churn out some brilliant stuff because the process is a free, uninhibited flow of consciousness that will reveal your true thoughts and desires...Something profound is sure to emerge as a result of your fingers chattering away to the keys about the need to write like all ten extremities had just shared key bumps of charlie. Well, If this post is any indication of how effective and inspirational speed writing is, we can conclude that the process simply leads to one sounding as if they really had just done a big bag of charlie and are now desperate to communicate something to someone so they got on their precious blog and just started writing.

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